Since our foundation in 1999, we have created interior feature images of the highest quality.

For many years we have been proud to produce real ceramic mural panels with satisfied

clients as far away as Australia, closer to home in Europe and of course here in the United


To ensure the finished product complies with our stringent quality control, it is essential

that we employ the latest proven manufacturing processes, though these can only be as

good as the image source used.  To ensure we use the best available, we have partnered

with long established image agencies where we can be sure of the highest quality digital

images to work with.

Finally we have a very straightforward approach to the privacy and security of our clients. 

When purchasing our products.  All emails to us are confidential. and we never release

addresses to third parties.


Image Artisans Limited are suppliers of high quality Ceramic Tile Mural Panels suitable for Aga/Range backsplash, bathroom tile murals, outdoor tile murals, bespoke tile murals and murals from the work of Great Artists